The White Towers Iron Wolves book 2


Remic has gone and done it, I PUT DOWN what I was reading to read The White Towers. Why would I strap on the meat suit and jump in the dog pit you ask? well…I’ll tell you. Because my dear reader The Rage of Kings series is a visceral thrill ride of dark fantasy FOR GROWN FOLK. The wolves aren’t nice folks and honestly, being nice is over rated. This time around a bit of heart and soul was introduced to the chaos and I devoured every page.

I am offically adding Andy Remic to my buy on sight list although I am not thrilled bout the ending, (you keep doing that dude)

This is a GREAT series, do you need more motivation? check this out, if you like hard core violent fantasy tales, the wolves are for you.

go read them, I don’t lie, I’m a book critic.


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